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Spiked Collar

Spiked Collar

Non-equippable Consumable Item

World of Warcraft Classic Consumable Item

Spiked Collar

  • NameSpiked Collar
  • QualityUncommon
  • Item Level30
  • TypeConsumable
  • SlotNon-equippable
  • Required Level20
  • Sell Price10Silver81Copper

Spiked Collar
Item Level 30
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 20
Use: Summons a guardian felhunter that will protect you for 1 hour.
Dropped by: Lord Malathrom
Drop Chance: 82.53%
Sell Price: 10Silver81Copper


Boss Drop
Dropped by Lord Malathrom in Duskwood (82.53% drop chance).