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Molten Core

Molten Core

WoW Classic Era Contested Raid

Deep within Blackrock Mountain lies the fiery blacksmith Blackrock Depths, the domain of the Dark Iron dwarves. Summoned by the will of the Firelord, Ragnaros, and commanded by his Lieutenant, Majordomo Executus, the elemental minions of the Firelord are swarming up from the depths, preparing to overrun the lands of the living. Ragnaros has set his sights on the World Tree Nordrassil, and seeks to burn the World Tree and all of its attendant lands to cinders. The only thing that stands between Ragnaros and his ultimate goal is you and your allies. You must venture into the heart of Blackrock Mountain and take on the Firelord himself in his lair, deep within the fiery core of the mountain.

Molten Core - WoW Classic Era

Location of Molten Core

  • Burning Steppes (Contested)

Item Drops in Molten Core (160)

Required Level
Sell Price
Requires Profession
Profession Level
Aged Core Leather Gloves60ArmorLeatherHandsZone Drop2Gold65Silver6CopperEpic
Ancient Petrified Leaf60QuestQuestNon-equippableBoss DropEpic
Arcanist Belt60ArmorClothWaistZone Drop1Gold73Silver88CopperEpic
Arcanist Bindings60ArmorClothWristZone Drop1Gold71Silver92CopperEpic
Arcanist Boots60ArmorClothFeetBoss Drop2Gold58Silver85CopperEpic
Arcanist Crown60ArmorClothHeadBoss Drop2Gold73Silver59CopperEpic
Arcanist Gloves60ArmorClothHandsBoss Drop1Gold73Silver22CopperEpic
Arcanist Leggings60ArmorClothLegsBoss Drop3Gold39Silver90CopperEpic
Arcanist Mantle60ArmorClothShoulderBoss Drop2Gold55Silver91CopperEpic
Arcanist Robes60ArmorClothChestBoss Drop3Gold42Silver53CopperEpic
Aurastone Hammer6044.63WeaponMaceOne-HandBoss Drop10Gold21Silver78CopperEpic
Azuresong Mageblade6042.50WeaponSwordMain HandBoss Drop11Gold18Silver23CopperEpic
Band of Accuria60ArmorMiscellaneousFingerBoss Drop2Gold39Silver61CopperEpic
Band of Sulfuras60ArmorMiscellaneousFingerBoss Drop7Gold98Silver53CopperEpic
Belt of Might60ArmorPlateWaistZone Drop1Gold79Silver81CopperEpic
Bindings of the WindseekerMiscellaneousNon-equippableBoss DropLegendary
Bindings of the WindseekerMiscellaneousNon-equippableBoss DropLegendary
Blastershot Launcher6040.19WeaponGunRangedBoss Drop8Gold25Silver72CopperEpic
Blood of the MountainTrade GoodsTrade GoodsNon-equippableBoss Drop7Silver50CopperUncommon
Bloodfang Pants60ArmorLeatherLegsBoss Drop6Gold92Silver9CopperEpic
Bonereaver's Edge6075.88WeaponSwordTwo-HandBoss Drop19Gold64Silver38CopperEpic
Boots of Prophecy60ArmorClothFeetBoss Drop2Gold69Silver62CopperEpic
Bracers of Might60ArmorPlateWristZone Drop1Gold77Silver86CopperEpic
Breastplate of Might60ArmorPlateChestBoss Drop3Gold60Silver95CopperEpic