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Refreshing Spring Water

Refreshing Spring Water

Non-equippable Consumable Item

World of Warcraft Classic Consumable Item

Refreshing Spring Water

  • NameRefreshing Spring Water
  • QualityCommon
  • Item Level5
  • TypeConsumable
  • SlotNon-equippable
  • Required Level1
  • Sell Price1Copper

Refreshing Spring Water
Item Level 5
Use: Restores 151.2 mana over 18 sec.  Must remain seated while drinking.
Max Stack: 20
Sell Price: 1Copper


  • A Rogue's Deal (Horde)
  • The Scarlet Crusade (Horde)
  • A Task Unfinished (Horde)
  • Rest and Relaxation (Alliance)
  • Dolanaar Delivery (Alliance)
  • Supplies to Tannok (Alliance)
  • A Peon's Burden (Horde)
  • Completing the Delivery (Horde)
  • The "Chow" Quest (123)aa (Both)