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Gloves of Holy Might

Gloves of Holy Might

Hands Armor Leather Item

World of Warcraft Classic Armor Leather Item

Gloves of Holy Might

  • NameGloves of Holy Might
  • QualityEpic
  • Item Level42
  • TypeArmor
  • SubtypeLeather
  • SlotHands
  • Required Level37
  • Sell Price53Silver44Copper

Gloves of Holy Might
Item Level 42
Binds when equipped
86 Armor
Durability 40 / 40
Requires Level 37
Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
Equip: +20 Attack Power.
Equip: +30 Attack Power when fighting Undead.
Sell Price: 53Silver44Copper


Rare Drop (0.01% drop chance)