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Bloodscalp Channeling Staff

Bloodscalp Channeling Staff

Two-Hand Weapon Staff Item

World of Warcraft Classic Weapon Staff Item

Bloodscalp Channeling Staff

  • NameBloodscalp Channeling Staff
  • QualityUncommon
  • Item Level33
  • TypeWeapon
  • SubtypeStaff
  • SlotTwo-Hand
  • Required Level28
  • Sell Price72Silver39Copper

Bloodscalp Channeling Staff
Item Level 33
Binds when equipped
50 - 75 DamageSpeed 2.80
(22.32 damage per second)
Durability 85 / 85
Requires Level 28
Equip: Increases damage done by Nature spells and effects by up to 19.
Dropped by: Bloodscalp Shaman
Drop Chance: 0.76%
Sell Price: 72Silver39Copper


Boss Drop
Dropped by Bloodscalp Shaman in Stranglethorn Vale (0.76% drop chance).