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Bloodfang Bracers

Bloodfang Bracers

Wrist Armor Leather Item

World of Warcraft Classic Armor Leather Item

Bloodfang Bracers

  • NameBloodfang Bracers
  • QualityEpic
  • Item Level76
  • TypeArmor
  • SubtypeLeather
  • SlotWrist
  • ClassRogue
  • Required Level60
  • Sell Price3Gold48Silver72Copper

Bloodfang Bracers
Item Level 76
Binds when picked up
98 Armor
+23 Agility
+13 Stamina
Durability 40 / 40
Classes: Rogue
Requires Level 60
Equip: Improves your chance to hit by 1%.
Bloodfang Armor (0/8)
Bloodfang Belt
Bloodfang Boots
Bloodfang Bracers
Bloodfang Chestpiece
Bloodfang Gloves
Bloodfang Hood
Bloodfang Pants
Bloodfang Spaulders
(3) Set : Increases the chance to apply poisons to your target by 5%.
(5) Set : Improves the threat reduction of Feint by 25%.
(8) Set : Gives the Rogue a chance to inflict 283 to 317 damage on the target and heal the Rogue for 50 health every 1 sec. for 6 sec. on a melee hit.
Dropped by: Razorgore the Untamed
Drop Chance: 23.28%
Sell Price: 3Gold48Silver72Copper


Boss Drop
Dropped by Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair (23.28% drop chance).


    Usable by Rogue.