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Barman Shanker

Barman Shanker

Main Hand Weapon Dagger Item

World of Warcraft Classic Weapon Dagger Item

Barman Shanker

  • NameBarman Shanker
  • QualityRare
  • Item Level55
  • TypeWeapon
  • SubtypeDagger
  • SlotMain Hand
  • Required Level50
  • Sell Price3Gold94Silver11Copper

Barman Shanker
Item Level 55
Binds when picked up
Main HandDagger
51 - 95 DamageSpeed 2.00
(36.50 damage per second)
Durability 65 / 65
Requires Level 50
Chance on hit: Wounds the target causing them to bleed for 100 damage over 30 sec.
Dropped by: Plugger Spazzring
Drop Chance: 10.24%
Sell Price: 3Gold94Silver11Copper


Boss Drop
Dropped by Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths (10.24% drop chance).