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Stonemason Cloak

Stonemason Cloak

Back Armor Cloth Item

World of Warcraft Classic Armor Cloth Item

Stonemason Cloak

  • NameStonemason Cloak
  • QualityUncommon
  • Item Level18
  • TypeArmor
  • SubtypeCloth
  • SlotBack
  • Required Level13
  • Sell Price4Silver8Copper

Stonemason Cloak
Item Level 18
Binds when equipped
16 Armor
+3 Stamina
Requires Level 13
Dropped by: Defias Miner
Drop Chance: 2.69%
Sell Price: 4Silver8Copper


Boss Drop
Dropped by Defias Miner in The Deadmines (2.69% drop chance).